About AnthroGenetics

My Position on Biological Aspect of Race

A great genetic and biological variation exists among modern humans. The genetic differences between populations and human groups are products of their unique evolutionary history and environment, and are created through genetic drift, natural selection, and socio-cultural factors.  However, current genetic data do not support existence of biological race among human.  Genetic and biological differences among the human groups are small, especially compared to other species, and there are many individuals from many different populations that do not cluster well into traditional racial/ethnic categories due to admixture, gene flow, and clines.

Today, genetic and biological differences among different racial/ethnic groups persist because of lack of gene flow due to geographical distance as well as social factors, such as history of slavery, racial segregation, discrimination, and prejudice, and marriage laws that prevented inter-racial/ethnic marriage.  The genetic differences are often emphasized, when they become socially relevant under such social conditions as ethnic health disparities and biomedical research, genetic genealogy or ancestry, inferring identity with forensic DNA typing, and eligibilities for special financial support for racial/ethnic minorities.

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